New Alpha Worship Center

Performing Arts Ministry

God’s Word – the Bible – is filled with drama, both physical and mental.  Whether good or bad, these dramatic events have helped us understand the difficulties of life, while highlighting the importance of becoming closer to our Father. Life is drama. We are not speaking of entertainment. We are speaking of movement, thought, dialogue, sound and light. All of these things are tools that can lead an individual into the presence of God.

At New Alpha, we believe that drama is one of the most influential forms of communication that God has given to the church. The Performing Arts provides emotion, feeling, and a sense of reality for what God’s children experience through side-splitting humor and thought provoking performances. We have been blessed by God with the creative abilities of writing, singing, Spoken word, dance and mime at New Alpha.

Our Performing Arts Ministry strives to reveal God’s love, grace, power and purpose in a realistic and vivid way through Dynamic Praiz, (our dancers), and Clowns 4 Christ who minister using short plays, skits and mimes.

If you feel that God is leading you into this fun-filled ministry, email or call the director, Samantha Hardy or 305 999 9881